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Custom health and wellness plans designed to change your life.

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BALANCE is key


CLARITY is a promise!

Tried, tested and proven over 22 years.

Proteins, Fats, Carbohydrates, Water, Vitamins, Minerals and more - your body needs and uses them all. Sculpt Health and Wellness plans are all about nutritional balance, variety and timing.

Sculpt Health and Wellness offers basic plans and individualized, custom plans include private one-on-one consultations, non-invasive bodyfat analysis, menus and recipes, goal-setting and positive accountability in a judgment-free environment.

Looking to lose weight?
We have a plan for that.
Looking to improve your energy levels and clarity?
We have a plan for that.
Looking to improve your overall health?
We have a plan for that.
Looking to gain muscle and lose fat?
We have a plan for that.

Cookie-cutter doesn't work for you? We have the plan that will work for YOU!

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What Makes us Unique

We offer custom plans that suit your goals, needs, health issues and individual requirements.

Sculpt Plans

Sculpt Plans

Sculpt Health and Wellness offers one-on-one wellness consultations in a judgement-free environment for clients looking to lose weight, increase energy levels, improve their overall health, learn about proper nutrition and exercise. All plans can be customized to fit the individual's specific needs and requirements.

Custom Plans

These plans comprise of recipes, tailored nutrition system that is customized and adjusted as needed, a weekly one-on-one consultation with a Sculpt coach, regular weigh-ins, non-invasive body fat analysis and unlimited support. These plans would be for any individual or couple who feel they embody the majority of the healthy lifestyle habits but need extra guidance, education, motivation, accountability and a more specific nutrition plan designed to help them take their health or fitness to the next level. – i.e.: athletes / competitors / individuals with specific health issues. Positive accountability and a judgment-free environment are guaranteed!

Education is Key

Positive Accountability

We all know that having someone to hold us accountable is a key part of staying on track and reaching our goals. This is the main role of a Sculpt coach. We have found with our experience that accountability is much more effective when it is positive. With positive accountability we focus on the clients successes of the week and build on those, rather than highlighting the things they had done wrong. Those negatives do get acknowledged but in a constructive manner. We understand that making lifestyle changes can be a difficult process and is often more mental than physical effort. We know from years of experience that holding people accountable in a positive, constructive manner yields greater success – EVERY TIME!

Education is Key

Education is not only key to our client’s success but it is fundamental to our company’s success as well. Our system is designed to fully educate each client on healthy, balanced lifestyle habits and providing the necessary tools to continue their newfound lifestyle well beyond our program. This allows Sculpt to help even more people from coast to coast, rather than helping the same 30-40 individuals again and again. Teaching our clients the ability to become independent and take charge in maintaining a healthy lifestyle is our mission, and we feel education is the key to empowering clients to be lifelong health and wellness advocates.


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