Dietitian's Corner

Authors: Annick Poirier & Caroline Fontaine, Registered Dietitians


Hormones: can they stop you from losing weight?

If you have been struggling to lose weight the culprit could be your hormones. Hormones impact many things, including your mood, energy and weight, and they fluctuate throughout your lifetime. Your sleeping pattern, diet and stress level can also affect your hormones...

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A new year, a new angle

Here we are! It’s a new year and perhaps you have a list of New Year’s resolutions you plan on incorporating in your lifestyle. Many comes to mind… eat less sugar, less salt, less carbs, less alcohol, vow to never eat a single chip... I’m not saying there is anything wrong with any of those resolutions, but often we fail at those resolutions only because they can be very intense and drastic...

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What's in your Fridge?

What’s in your fridge should be of outmost importance. All too often when you are hungry you will eat what’s in front of you healthy or not. It is too tempting to have unhealthy food at reach and it’s just a matter of time before you eat it. Here are a few simple tricks to have the best items to keep you in fat burning mode!...

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How to stay on track for good

How do you stay on track for good when dieting or keeping a healthy nutritional regimen? It’s simple - Being consistent is the key to success, being perfect is not. If you fall off the wagon, don’t beat yourself up too badly. Brush yourself off and get back on it the next day and keep your goals in mind! Here are some simple tips on how you can stay on track for good...

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Sprouts and their amazing health properties

The popularity of sprouted seeds, nuts beans and grains has grown in recent years, as they should! They are perfect for the individuals looking for optimum nutrition for their performance or simply for the amazing health benefits. Simply put, they are wonder foods...

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