Hormones: can they stop you from losing weight?

Hormone imbalanceIf you have been struggling to lose weight the culprit could be your hormones. Hormones impact many things, including your mood, energy and weight, and they fluctuate throughout your lifetime. Your sleeping pattern, diet and stress level can also affect your hormones.

Weight loss can be affected by estrogen, cortisol, insulin and leptin. Those are strongly linked to weight loss resistance. When those hormones are unbalanced very often cravings for fatty and starchy foods will increase and wanting more after having it. It’s like the body can’t satisfy itself. It also starts a vicious cycle of increased visceral fat around the mid-section which is associated with higher risk heart diseases and diabetes.

Here are a few suggestions to help rebalance those hormones:

Eat more Vegetables

Increase your water intake

Increase your intake in magnesium found in Dark leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds and fish

Increase your intake of B vitamins found in Chicken, turkey, whole grains cereal, quinoa, and eggs

Reduce your caffeine intake

Decrease your intake of sugar

Decrease your intake of fried fatty food

Buying organic food to decrease the level of pesticides and hormones

A few lifestyle adjustments can also help decrease stress level such as deep breathing, taking the time to eat, decrease the use of electronics before bedtime and increase quality of sleep. Living an active lifestyle, increasing muscle mass through resistance training, adding regular cardiovascular activity and stretching will also help in the equation. Start gradually with these changes and see how much more energized your body and your mind will be!

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