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Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating

This holiday season, we may eat a few too many cookies, or drink a little too much wine. The challenge for most people after a full on holiday-bender is that we’ve gotten used to parties and festive feasts every night of the week. Check out these tips for managing your weight, while still enjoying everything this joyful time of year has to offer!...

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Avoiding Menopausal Mayhem

Although menopause marks a normal part of aging, for many women it ignites a climate of fear and confusion with physical symptoms that can be very distressing. The good news is that the transition to menopause can happen relatively smoothly once women become armed with strategies to address their particular symptoms...

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Something Sweet to Think About

With all the recent hype on the upgraded Canadian Food Guide and Health Canada’s new recommendations, there have also been some changes to the nutrition facts label that are aimed to benefit consumers very positively! Some food labels have already made the changes, so here is what you need to know...

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Is coconut oil good or bad for you?

Coconut oil in particular has been the topic of debate in recent years as proponents of its use claim. It has numerous health benefits which may include weight loss, boosting brain function, stimulating thyroid function and improved immunity. So why has the American Heart Association (AHA) recently recommended against its use? It is important to remember that there are no black and white answers...

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Yoga with Erika Winter

Now repeat after me... there is no magic elixir or quick fix. Hi, I'm Erika and I'm a full time yoga teacher here in Fredericton but my name might as well be "yo-yo diet". I have struggled with my weight since I was little and would always try crash diets which would work for the first month but then a couple weeks later... back to square one...

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